The For Joint Pains From Tribal Areas Of Nandurbar Tahsil

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“ETHNOMEDICINES FOR JOINT PAINS FROM TRIBAL AREAS OF NANDURBAR TAHSIL OF NANDURBAR DISTRICT ” ABSTRACT The paper deals with the study of ethnomedicinal plants of the Nandurbar Tahsil of Nandurbar district, used against joint pains by various tribes. The paper reveals the methods of preparation and dose of administration as suggested by tribal doctors. KEY WORDS: Ethnomedicinal plants; Joint pains; Nandurbar Tahsil; Maharashtra. INTRODUCTION Nandurbar Tahsil is a Tahsil of Nandurbar districts, with an area of 1082.24 Km2. The Bhils, Gamits, Gavits, Kokanis, Mavachis, Padvis, Pawaras, Valvis and Vasaves are the various ethnic groups of the tribals dominated in the hilly regions of the Tahsil. The tribes of various ethnic groups have their own dialect viz. Bhili, Kokani, Mavachi, Pavari etc. The total population of the Nandurbar Tahsil is 2,93,833 while the rural population is 1,99,468 making 67.88 % of the total population (2001) living in 152 villages. Climate on the whole is dry except during south-west monsoon which begins in June and lasts till about September - October. The average rainfall of the area is 718 mm. The temperature rises in the later part of February, May being the hottest month of the year. The maximum temperature recorded is 470 C in May 2001 and minimum temperature is 250 C. Relative humidity in monsoon period is 60% and 25.30% in other months. Many areas are inaccessible and devoid of basic

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