The Ford Pinto

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The Ford Pinto
Question 1
What moral issues does the Pinto case raise?
ANS: The Pinto case raise the moral issues of what is the dollar value of the human life. That the businesses should not be putting a value on human life and disregard a known deadly danger. In order to perform a risk/benefit analysis, all costs and benefits must be expressed in some common measure. This measure is typically in dollars, as the Ford Motor Company used in its analysis. This can prove difficult for things that are not commonly bought and sold on the open market. Therefore, totell someone that there is a certain price for their life is a preposterous notion. There are numerous things which individuals consider priceless. Ford thought they could get away
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In other words, humans have equal dignity and should never be deceived, manipulated or exploited for any purpose. There can never be a moral cost-benefit analysis that allows corporate leaders and their corporations to unjustly exploit or endanger employees, customers and local communities exclusively as means to corporate profit or in the case of Ford situation as a means to save expending resourced to remedy a defective product or not risking corporate profits and reputation by recalling a potentially dangerous product. In addition, it is that trading off lives for any amount of money is wrong, because doing so fails to respect the essential worth of every human life. Is seems unethical to determine that people should be allowed to die or be seriously injured because it would cost too much to prevent it. In Kant’s will recognize and endorse that sentiment, which human beings have dignity and not mere price which also unconditionally attribute a worth to persons that cannot be quantified and is not subject to

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