The Foreign Policy Actions Towards The Middle East

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President Obama has previously stated that, " administration has tried diplomacy and sanctions, warning, and negotiations - but chemical weapons were still used by the Assad regime." Even if the Assad regime would forfeit up its chemical weapons and join the Chemical Weapons Convention which outwardly condemns their use the Syrian crisis will still not be solved and the years of turmoil are bound to come with a much longer road ahead. Regarding any future military action, Obama has said “we cannot resolve someone else 's civil war through force, particularly after a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan." So the solution is to not engage in war tactics but by alleviating the people of the region.
The United State’s foreign policy
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Based on 25 years of research, it has been endorsed by independent scientists and scholars all over the world. The strategy is known as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). This preventive defense system is thought to work on the level of the unified field, where all the forces of nature are united. This defense technology supersedes all others based on weaker electronic, chemical, and nuclear forces. The Invincible Defense Technology is a proven, practical approach to world peace and national invincibility. The approach calls for the immediate establishment of large national groups of peace-creating experts practicing specific “technologies of consciousness” that have been scientifically shown to neutralize acute ethnic, political, and religious tensions that fuel violence, terrorism, and social conflicts. The Invincible Defense Technology is the only approach that effectively targets the root cause of national, regional, and global conflict. It is the only approach to national security and world peace that is extensively field tested and backed by rigorous scientific research.
This Unified Field-based approach to defense generates a palpable, measurable effect of peace that creates a fertile environment in which diplomatic and other conventional approaches can actually succeed. An approach that can begin to take its first steps where the most are suffering in the biggest concentrated areas,
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