The Foreign Policy Actions Towards The Middle East

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President Obama has previously stated that, " administration has tried diplomacy and sanctions, warning, and negotiations - but chemical weapons were still used by the Assad regime." Even if the Assad regime would forfeit up its chemical weapons and join the Chemical Weapons Convention which outwardly condemns their use the Syrian crisis will still not be solved and the years of turmoil are bound to come with a much longer road ahead. Regarding any future military action, Obama has said “we cannot resolve someone else 's civil war through force, particularly after a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan." So the solution is to not engage in war tactics but by alleviating the people of the region.
The United State’s foreign policy actions towards the middle east have a history of being more based on conjecture, so the time to rearrange American Foreign Policy towards the middle east is now. It is particularly dangerous in the Middle East. A massive violent backlash that could reign across the whole middle east could erupt, which has proven to be the case in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya. However there has been an approach which has proven successful in ending the turmoils of countries in a both efficient and effective way. Calling mostly on the Obama administration and its political will to order the military to deploy an unusual but effective approach. This means of violence removal is based on peer-reviewed research. The approach has been field-tested by non-US…
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