The Forgotten Legacy Of The ' Power Of Possession '

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oday, the forgotten legacy of the ‘power of possession’ appears evident; however, during the time of Christ the belief in the destructive forces of this occurrence emerges as a severe issue for the general public. Eusebius, a Roman historian, exegete and Christian polemicist, became the Bishop of various Christian centers in Caesarea near the year 314 A.D.; notably, an exceptional Biblical scholar of his time. Eusebius tells of the events of “Jesus ridding human life from demons of every kind, so that there were some of them now kneeling before Him and beseeching Him not to deliver them over to the Tartarus that awaited them.” Furthermore, Eusebius specifically identifies the goat god Pan as being “overthrown by Jesus during His ministry.”
If you are a true Christian, “the realism of the devil” and its forces manifestly stand out as crucial, for Jesus’ warfare against Satan endures as critical nucleus of His teachings. Principally, one of the major ‘realities’ of Satan, devil(s) ever documented persists as that of Jesus Christ’s exposure of this evil presence in the New Testament; which occurs as a key happening within Jesus’ ministry (Matt 8:28, Mark 5:15, Luke 8:36). For with the appearance of Christ, ‘a miracle erupts,’ challenging among other things, humanity’s sexuality, (although the majority of people remain unaware of the true mystery that Christ came to earth to expose concerning people’s misguided beliefs regarding their sexuality). Inevitably, this explosive
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