The Formation of Major Weather Events Essay

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For a tornado to form there must be a cold front, and low-level moisture. Tornadoes are associated with big and strong thunderstorms. A column of warm and humid air will rise quickly. How it begins to rotate is not understood by scientists, but what they think is that two different winds with different altitudes and speeds. This creates a wind shear. The column of air sometimes gets caught in a super cell updraft. The updraft will tighten and speed up. When it begins to rain and hail, the precipitation will push down the column of air to create a tornado. Tornadoes mostly occur on the southern half of the U.S. More thunderstorms take place which a necessity for a tornado to form. Normally they move from southwest to northeast. The …show more content…

One popular idea is that small cloud particles have a positive charge, and then the other larger particles are negatively charged. The particles separate, and the upper part of the cloud becomes positively charged, while the lower part becomes negatively charged. The positive and negative charges attract each other and the charges will grow strong enough to overcome the air's resistance to electrical flow. Then the charges race toward each other, they connect, and create an electrical circuit. Then it discharges the accumulated electricity as lightning. Lightning will most likely occur in the summer time during a thunderstorm. As the lightning strikes, it travels downward toward the ground. Lightning is measured by how much electricity a bolt of lightning will contain. What you should do during a lightning storm is try to stay indoors. Be sure to avoid water. Stay on low ground, and avoid being in the open. Also, if you have any trees that touch your house, cut them because if the tree were to be struck, the electricity would go through your home. Floods start when there has been a heavy rainfall, or it could be when there is a lot of snow when spring is arriving. They also can be a result of a hurricane, tsunami, or a high tide in coastal areas. Floods will occur on flat land near banks, and rivers. It can also occur at the base of a mountain. Floods mainly occur during the spring and hurricane season. This storm can

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