The Foundation for Capitalism

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Freedom is simply the right of an individual to control his or hers own actions, that aids in the development of humanity. As freedom reflects back to capitalism, people within their respective class who obtain money are the individuals who whole heartedly enjoy real freedom. However, is it really considered freedom if there are restrictions attached to one’s freedom?
The simplest things such as the production and distribution of goods and services or even the supply of new technological advancements, are ran and operated by a group or class of people. This group is known as the capitalist class. Those who work to produce and distribute the goods created by the capitalist class profit and thrive off of the labor exploited by the
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What does this mean for people of a higher class or people of wealth? People of the upper class are lowered to the same financial and economic status of the individuals in the middle class.
The state controls are means of production. So individuals cannot own their own business, cars, homes, etc., because the state owns everything. Placing all the power within the states is an issue for some individuals, as well as upgrading certain class and down grading another. Although communism and socialism share some of the same qualities, they also differ in certain areas.
So how then, do the ideas of Friedman measure up to the real world events displayed throughout? There can be flaws found in Friedman’s arguments more especially with his belief of politics and economics being both separate and largely unconnected. If an economy is weak, chances are the political leaders are not that strong. However if the political leadership is strong, so should the economy be due to the excellent decision making of the country’s leaders. Individual freedom is however a political problem.
The restraints placed on many of the activities, and actions citizens are allowed to enjoy and participate have negative freedom. This type of freedom prevents an individual from taking pleasure in whatever they choose, dwindling away their sense of free will. Political leaders are
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