The Foundations Of Education

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Question 1: Outline your understanding of the Foundations of Education. Show how the application of the Foundations of Education can help the prospective teacher to be more effective in the classroom.

According to Wikipedia, “Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits”. (cite). Over the recent decades, this process of exchange of information and new learning has progressed significantly. The school and other educational institutions have significantly contributed to the holistic development of society through education and socialisation of students. Moreover, Foundations of Education is a broad field of educational study which examines various concepts and intellectual tools encompassing three major perspectives: philosophical, sociological and psychological. These three key perspectives, if applied accurately, can help the prospective teacher in a number of ways to be more effective in the classroom.

Firstly, the philosophical perspectives – idealism, realism and pragmatism – lend insight to the overall subject and theoretical applications. Idealism shares the view that ideas are the only means of reality and that the mind comes before matter. Plato considered education as a means of passing knowledge from the teacher to the pupil. He …show more content…

Prospective teachers can draw from a wealth of knowledge and theories to assist in their personal applications of teaching in the classroom today. One might argue that some theories may be more beneficial than others. Therefore, when considering these perspectives, greater emphasis should be placed on the theories that support the positive development of the student as an individual and, by extent, as a member of

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