The Four Impollars Of National Honor Society

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The four pillars of National Honor Society are all very important in both my high school career as well as my everyday life. My commitment to my education is how I have attained my current academic success and is also how I discovered my passion in life which is sciences. Whenever I start a new lesson I am never afraid to fail because Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” This quote highly impacts my class participation as I am not afraid to be wrong anymore, but rather I am ready to make a mistake and learn from it. Scholarship isn’t just a commitment of learning for me, but more of a priority to learn. I view this pillar and an opportunity to challenge myself to my fullest potential. I challenge myself by taking every honors/ap course that is given because it makes me commit to do my very best at all times. My love for learning wasn’t always so strong. There was a period in my life where I actually hated school. All through elementary school, I never understood why school was so important; it all seemed like a waste of time. However, my seventh grade science teacher lit a spark in me and ever since then my love for learning has only grown. Therefore, I make a commitment every year to do the best I can in school because we are a country who has the privilege of free education.At the end of the day I would rather get an A on a paper that I know I worked hard on for hours and skipped out on spending time with my

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