The Four Major Aspects Of The Mabling Values Framework

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The competing values framework is a theory that was initially created from Quin’s research that was carried out on the major indicators of effective organisations. Stability, control, flexibility and change (adaptation) was the theorist’s preference when composing this structure within the framework. Doing so added additional dimensions in this organisational cultures theory. The four major models that comprise of the competing values framework are the Humans relations Model, the Open Systems Model, Rational Goal Model and the Internal Process Model. It is through these four fundamental models that this theory develops its main cultures which are the clan culture, the adhocracy culture, the market culture and lastly the hierarchy culture. The fact that New York has five mafia families working the streets in its self is the penicil of the clan culture. The boss or the don is the leader of each “clan” or “mob” or “family” or “schmucks” (the last one was only if they did a silly thing). Any of the given five families love to adapt to their environment using steel and iron. They call them Uzi’s. I call them guns. Through the use their tools, they can create a hierarchy within their own families and others to ensure they stay on top. They are also able to compete in their target market using those brass bullets I.e. if someone is on their turf that shouldn’t be, they kill them or tell them to go away. The adhocracy culture I believe is where they thrive however. Gone are the days

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