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The Royal College of General Practitioners in its recent published paper has predicted that in the next ten years, the number of patients with one or more long term conditions will increase to 18 million in England alone. Currently this group of patients make up fifty per cent of all GP appointments, sixty four per cent of all outpatient appointments and seventy per cent of all inpatient admissions. The total cost is as much as seventy per cent of the total health and social care expenditure in England.
Between 2001 to 2011, the number of full time GPs in England increased from 28,854 to 35,319. This represents an average annual growth of only two per cent. This current rate of growth in the general practice workforce is not …show more content…

However, studies have shown that structural organisation changes alone do not deliver the expected improvements in the quality and performance of health care (Ham, 1999). Redesigning service pathways and implementing changes are relatively easy at a functional level. However, attempting to understand the distinctive thought processes adopted by organisations, the underlying resistance factors to change and how new practices can be sustained is far more challenging. Therefore, a deeper analysis and understanding of organisational culture is crucial to the success of change management.
This paper aims to explore the different challenges of organisation culture and change management using the implementation of a recent telehealth project in North Yorkshire to discuss the key success factors of change management derived from different research studies.

Organisation culture

There are many definitions of organisational culture available in the literature, many of which are based on the fact that culture consists of values, beliefs, and assumptions shared by the majority of members of an organisation. These characteristics and shared views are then translated into common and repeated patterns of behaviour. Although it is difficult to come up with a single definition that would cover

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