The Four Major Components Of Carbohydrates

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Did you know that atoms are in that soda you are drinking? Or that there are molecules in the brocoli you always feed to your dog secretly under the dining room table? Atoms and molecules make up our life. To start off, atoms refers to the smallest part of an element that is still an element. Nextly, molecules refers to two or more atoms joined together acting as a unit. In total, there are four major atoms and four major molecules when dealing with the atoms and molecules of life. Wondering what the 4 major atoms are? They are Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen (CHON) that each major molecule has, but in different variations. The first major molecule is Carbohydrates. This molecule contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. Also, Carbohydrates splits into three sections called manhachrid, disaccharide, and polysaccharide. These three sections have groupings of different building blocks. The main building blocks for Carbohydrates is sugar. That being said, carbohydrates is a very fast energy source. Some examples of Carbohydrates would be lactose, glucose, and maltose. A science experiment to test if Carbohydrates where in something, you could do the sugar test. The sugar test is where you put a food in a testing tube, then put a little bit of Benedict (a chemical) in with the food. After that, put the testing tube in boiling water using test tube clamps. Let the tube sit in the water for 3 minutes then take it out. Depending on the color of the inside of the tube,

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