The Four Seasons

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What is your favorite season of the year? Some people enjoy the pleasant view of the white, snow, covered ground and snuggling up with the person they love next to the warm, relaxing fire. Others enjoy the beautiful scenery of the leaves on the trees starting to change their colors, letting us all know that autumn is upon us. The Four Seasons, published in 1725, was composed by the remarkable Antonio Vivaldi, who was a Venice native and taught violin and viola to orphaned girls at the Conservatorio dell’Ospedale della Pieta. According to “The Enjoyment of Music,” by Forney, Dell’Antonio, and Machlis, Antonio Vivaldi “played a leading part in the history of the concerto” (p.124) which we can recognize after listening to one of his best known pieces, The Four Seasons. The first concerto of the piece, Spring, shows us the extravagant use of word painting that Vivaldi uses to express the emotions and scenery of the season. Let’s dig deeper into this remarkable concerto, discussing three different musical elements…show more content…
has a specific genre. Today, we recognize the popular genres as rock, country, hip hop, and so on. Back in the Baroque era, one popular genre was the “programmatic concerto” which was also known as program music. Program music is defined in “The Enjoyment of Music” as a type of music that is portrayed through either literally or pictorial associations. In Spring, there is a poem, written possibly by Vivaldi himself, that goes along with the instrumental music that details the different aspects of that season. In the first movement of Spring, the poem reads “Joyful spring has arrived, the birds greet it with their cheerful song, and the brooks in the gentle breezes flow with a sweet murmur…” (p.125). While reading the poem and listening to the music that accompanies it, you will find that the words and music go hand in hand with each other which will be discussed in the next paragraph while we discuss the timbre of the
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