The Four Stages Of REM Sleep

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Typically, sleep occurs in five recurring sleep stages. Of these, four are stages leading up to REM sleep. REM sleep is an abbreciation for rapid eye movement. Neurotransmitters act differently on neurons in the brain, causing the mind to be awake or asleep. The neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine keep the brain functioning properly when awake, however are less present when sleeping. Adenosine, a chemical, also is linked to drowsiness when present in the blood and is broken up when sleeping. Beta waves are the waves which occur in our waking state. Stage one of sleep involves the closing of the eyes and drowsiness, occurring for 5-10 minutes depending on the person. During this stage a person will experience Alpha waves which occur…show more content…
This sleep is dreamless and your brian will have low brainwaves called Delta waves. Delta waves are present in only the most deep of sleeps. These waves a are essential to the body and mind healing. During REM our muscels will immobilize, our eyes will twitch, and breathing will be irregular. The body will have a hard time regulating temperature in this…show more content…
If the disruptions were recurring then my immune system could suffer. Sleep has been linked before to the homeostasis of the immune system. Also as serious, abrudted sleep can have effects on the nervous system, making it hard for me to stay alert and stay consentrated on task the next day. Researchers believe that neurons repair themselves when you sleep, so if I am not getting enough sleep then I am not giving the neurons in my brain the oppurtunity to replenish. Not being able to concentrate will have effects on memory, hallucination, and physical performance as well. Lastly, the production of proteins happens abundantly during sleeping periods. Proteins are extremely important for bofily functions such as cell
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