The Four Styles Of Path-Goal Theory Of Leadership

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Many people think the role of managers and leaders are the same. Does managers and leader holds the same power? The purpose of this essay is to explain what path-goal theory of leadership is, to identify the four styles of leadership styles of path goal theory, and to explain when they are most appropriately used. According to Williams, McWilliams & Lawrence (2017) leadership can be defined as the process of leading others towards achieving its organisational goals.

According to Williams, McWilliams and Lawrence (2017), path goal theory is a leadership theory that states that leaders can increase satisfaction, motivation and performance of subordinates by understanding subordinates style of working, coaching, guiding and also rewarding subordinates …show more content…

According to Usman, Usman and Sugianto (2016) participative leadership is when leaders tries to include subordinates suggestions but finals decision is decided by the leaders. These two authors states similar ideas about participative leadership which is encouraging participation in the decision process that directly affect subordinates. The goal for participative leadership style is to enhance subordinates quality of their work life. The decision making process works by a leader giving the subordinates information regarding company’s issues. They will then discuss and take majority vote in which the company will take action of. It may be time consuming because leaders will have to listen and take not of everyone’s opinions, but it has several advantages that may make it a right managerial method. Lussier and Achua (cited in Malik 2013) defines that participative leadership style is appropriate when tasks given are complex, subordinates are experienced and confident and they follow instructions to order.
These subordinates most likely have high abilities and high internal focus of

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