The Fourth Noble Truths By The Eightfold Path

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The fourth Noble Truths compose the ideologies of the “Eightfold Path”. It’s an idea Buddhist belief of how they can stop the desire that causes suffering. Following the (Eight Path) factors in Buddhism there are fundamental responsibility and accountability that are expected by Buddhist beliefs. Buddhism teaches the concepts of understanding, thoughtful mind, and freedom of speech, action livelihood, encouraging effort, mindfulness and concentration. These categories are divided into sub-sections. The first section is ethical conduct which include the concept of right to speech, right to action and right to livelihood.
Right to speech is to abstain from lying, gossiping and from spiteful, hurtful, rude and harsh language. The right to …show more content…

The world Islam is a noun formed from an Arabic meaning “to submit” or to commit oneself. A Muslim is one who submits or one who commits himself to Islam. Like Judaism, Christianity and Islam is a religion of revelation and of a Book. Islam teaches that God is the creator of everything and is all powerful and all knowing. The ultimate judge of humankind, rewarding the righteous, punishing the sinners. God is merciful and compassionate, forgiving those who truly repent. He is a God of justice who unfailingly punishes those who do not repent.
Islam can be understood as the submission to the will of God. It is a religion that teaches peace and unity among the living communities regardless of their race, economic status, their nation origins and many others. It is a religion based on the fundamental beliefs on personal moral and ethical values. It is a religion that welcomes all people regardless of their social, political or economic backgrounds. Islam is monotheism religion that shares some common ideas with Christianity and Judaism while being the second largest religion. Islam is a religion that was sent to the people of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. Prophet Mohamed was born and raised in Mecca in what is now Saudi Arabia in 570 CE. The prophet 's life had a significant impact on the formation of Islam. The prophet was not born into a rich family. His father passed away before he was born. For most of his life the prophet peace be upon

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