The Franklin Road Church Youth Groups Are More Than Just a Religion

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The Franklin Road Church of Christ youth group consists of youth of all ages. The group is divided into three subgroups: Tots for Christ (TFC), Kids for Christ (KFC), and the Senior Youth Group (SYG). In particular, for this essay I will be explaining how the Senior Youth Group is a discourse community. Franklin Road’s SYG consists of the ages 11-18. Within the group we do various things such as going to youth retreats, youth conferences, and many more; just to name a few. The group has been around for many years, all the way back to when my parents were kids. I have been a member of SYG ever since I was a baby; therefore I have enough knowledge about how this group in fact is a discourse community according to John Swales six criteria. …show more content…

He expresses that “the goal of the group is to help youth become better leaders in the church as a Christian” (Stewart). The goal of SYG is tacit. This is because the goal is not written down but it is known by all members and is something that is stressed, especially to new members. The way that it is stressed and communicated is by constantly reminding the members to always have a Christian attitude, to support one another, to be leaders, and to set good examples for younger youth. The longer you are in the group it becomes something that you just know, it’s like embedded in you. This happens because after hearing it repeatedly over the years it becomes something you know like the back of your hand. In order for a group to be successful at fulfilling its goal it needs to have some form of communication. Which leads to Swales’ second criterion of a discourse community, the group should have “mechanisms of intercommunication among its members” (471). What Swales means by this is that the group must have ways that they communicate with each other: such as email, meetings, social media, and texting. The Franklin Road SYG definitely requires forms of communication between the members. The mechanisms used to communicate are texting and meetings. Texting is used to stay in touch with one another throughout the week when we do not see each other. We also

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