The Fraud Triangle Consists Of Three Different Parts

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In life, there are many times someone sees an opportunity that can better a situation in their life. Whether morally right or wrong some still take the action to better their life even if it can potentially be considered fraud. People tend to find ways to look past their morals. These situations can be something so small as not splitting the tips at your job evenly, fixing an old gambling debt, even cheating on your taxes. Some even take it as far as creating a fake business to receive money from people or steal money coming into an already existent company. These opportunities are everywhere we look. There are not many people in the world who would give up an opportunity to better a situation in their life. The question is just how far are they willing to go and for what are they receiving in the end. Most of these situations, if not all can be analyzed through the fraud triangle. The fraud triangle consists of three different parts. The first part would be the perceived financial need or the pressure upon the person. This could be caused by the person situation where they may be in need, or possibly someone in their life pushing them to do the act. It could also be something as simple as a want that they feel they should go after no matter what it takes or the cost. This will lead into step two of the fraud triangle which is perceived opportunity or, in other words, the opportunity to commit the fraud. This is what they do to actually do the crime. How they go about

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