The Free Enterprise of Capitalism in Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore

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What is Capitalism? Is it a free enterprise where industries and trading are privately controlled? According to Michael, Capitalism is ‘a system of taking and giving, mostly taking’. In the documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore tackles the issue of Capitalism in a never ending quest to educate society. Capitalism: A Love Story directed by Michael Moore is a one-sided representation of Capitalism and its negative effects and irresponsibly promotes unlawful revolt against the government and large corporations. The documentary achieves this through the silencing and marginalising of alternate viewpoint and perspectives. It uses irrelevant evidence and out of context analogies to entice disapproval towards Capitalism. Most concerning, the documentary exaggerates the power of the upper class and the vulnerability of the middle class when it could have created a balanced representation of Capitalism.
A falsified fact is easily recognizable but it is harder to find what isn’t there. In gestation.silences and marginalises alternate viewpoints and perspectives through the omission of important details and lack of interviews with upright members of society. Throughout the documentary, Moore shows the foreclosure of multiple homes but does not fully explain the reasons for their foreclosures. Most importantly, Moore only interviews those who are either extremely disadvantaged or extremely rich, leaving out the average members of society. Moore realises that those who

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