Essay about Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story

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Michael Moore used comical tactics as a way to appeal to his audience in this piece of literature. Michael Moore’s argument is that capitalism is destroying the nation’s economy rather than helping to develop it. The poor are suffering, while the richer are getting richer. The arguments that Moore used may not be considered tangible by all, but he definitely did have the evidence to support his argument. Michael Moore purpose was to expose this ground breaking issue of the dominance of corporate America through video. He used the web source as a source to get his message across because he knew the internet would be accessible to many people. Moore in this film used the different elements of reasoning to identify the message he was sending …show more content…

Michael Moore believed that the money that the Government used to bail out the banks could have put to better use. The government took the American’s hard worked money to bail out the banks, as well for their personal benefits. Michael Moore went to some extreme measure to help the people, such as placing yellow tape around some federal building such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and so forth, sending a message to the banks that people wanted their money back. Moore, himself went on behalf of the American people to confront the individuals of corporate America. Moore’s argument was solid and had evidence to support his argument. Another firm argument that he had was that capitalism was not helping out nation or economy, but it was only making the middle class and the poor people suffer. Michael could not figure out why the economy was in such shambles when people were still paying their taxes. Michael decided to do some more research and found that a judge was handing out long term juvenile sentences under false pretense. For example, a young found smoking pot the judge ordered the teenager to serve four months, but instead of serving four months she spent almost a year. Michael did some more digging and found that the longer the juveniles stay locked the money goes into the private jail owners pocket. Although some would say that the film seemed

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