The Freedom And Freedom Of The United States

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Knowing the Meaning of Freedom
Freedom and liberties are the most popular and significant topic in the United States. However, what’s the freedom and who can enjoy the freedom became the controversial arguments in America during its post-civil war period. Since people with different gender, different race, and even different customs may have their own opinions and prospects of the rights they should have, white Americans, African Americans, immigrants and even women were trying to define and strive for their own freedom. Compared African American and American women, after the reconstruction of the United States, the former one mainly strove for their personal liberty such as free marriage and political rights like voting because of their previous cruel life of slavery, whereas women not only strove for their equal rights but also their social respect due to their low social condition before war.
Africa American is one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States.
In the 18th and 19th century, African Americans were also the major part of the slave —people who were owned and controlled by slave-holders (people who decide where slave live and at what they work.) Slaves’ rights were strongly limited. They were not allowed to move freely, but always be monitored. They were denied rights of education, and there even did not exist the law to support slaves’ marriages. They could not have any economic/social independence and political right in the country. African American

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