The Freedom Of The African Americans

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“Forcing people to be generous isn 't humanitarian, effective, compassionate or moral. Only acts that are truly voluntary for all concerned can be truly compassionate.” – Harry Browne. Sadly the good humanitarianism would not reach Africa until some thousands were killed by the greed of the Europeans. Europeans wanting to explore Africa for their personal gain should not have used the excuse of humanitarianism to justify the true act of imperialism that was happening in Africa because, many European countries want to “win the race” of being the first to colonize unexplored Africa, Europeans saw Africa as having an unfathomable amount of natural resources, and Europeans wanted to spread Christianity and “save” the people of in Africa. Firstly many European countries wanted to “win the race” of being the first to colonize unexplored Africa. During this time period most of Africa had been explored around the other perimeter and coast, but not the interior of Africa. Africa’s interior had remained unexplored by many, but still sparked the interest of many Europeans. Particularly this new curiosity can be seen at the Berlin Conference of 1884. At this conference many of the world’s leaders gathered around a table, put a map of Africa on the table, and began to divide the land among them. Many of the leaders at that conference wanted to gain dominance over one another in Africa on who could be the first to colonize. This would lead to many humanitarian incidents with the

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