African American Freedom

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America is regarded as a place of freedom, a place where everyone is treated the same and have equal rights. However, this freedom did not always apply to everyone and even now this freedom is incomplete. To this day these people are still suffering from discrimination, but there are groups and movements trying to amend this. Though America has prided itself as a country of freedom, the path to freedom for marginalized African Americans is treacherous and incomplete because of slavery, racism, violence, and segregation, but has made much progress.
Being born an African American in colonial America pretty much meant you were born a slave. Even though African Americans “lived” in America since the time of the thirteen colonies back in the 1600s, they were not fully “freed” and given all their rights until 1870, during this time African Americans endured numerous adversities. While in slavery African Americans were treated poorly, they were whipped and often the women were raped, they were deprived of even the most basic of information, an example of this is that “the white children could tell their ages. [Fredrick Douglass] could not tell why [he] ought to be deprived of the same privilege.” (Douglass, 13) As a slave African Americans were deprived of anything that could let them escape, is even included their identity. Escaping slavery was no hard task either, you would need documentation allowing you to travel to the North and if you were caught you were severely punished.

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