The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War/Seven Years War began in response to the British unapologetically impinging on the French and the Indian territory. After the seven years of war, the French and British negotiated the Treaty of Paris. The Treaty of Paris effectively ended the French and Indian War/the Seven Years War. It was put into practice in 1763. The immediate results included the French loss of all territory in the Americas except some islands in the Gulf, the Spanish receiving all land west of the Mississippi River (including the previously French Louisiana), and the colonists/Britain getting all land east of the Mississippi River. The impact of the Treaty varied for each group and also varied within the parameters of the groups of constituents.
The “British” colonies were slowly considering themselves a separate entity altogether – they had over a century’s worth of history. After the signing of the treaty, the colonists realized that they had different ideals and intentions for themselves than the British Parliament did. The Parliament had a virtual representative speaking out for the needs and wants of the colonists, so in result of that the colonists were not getting the things they wanted, or felt that they needed. What this means for the colonists was that they now had a common enemy – none of the colonists wanted to be spoken for, thus they needed to attempt to unify and make their own nation.
With the result of the Treaty of Paris being the extension of the

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