The French Revolution And The Revolution Essay

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The French Revolution was a period of great change it France. It was marked with approximately 10 years of extreme political, social and economic change, brought on by a great unrest from the French public, more specifically the third estate. The French Revolution is often deemed as one of the most pivotal moment in Modern European and world history. It is commonly referred as a political revolution with social consequences .It was perhaps one of the most volatile moment in history, historians themselves often have trouble pinpointing specifically what caused the revolution, as so many factors played a role in the revolt. The French revolution was an economic revolt but not only itself a fiscal situation as a nation’s economy is a function of their society, and vice versa. As Frances economy switched from feudal to capitalism, all while their fiscal situation was in a rapid state of decay, this greatly changed their social situation. The French were being pulled in all directions, a new direction taken by some and with this changing many, through this we know that the French revolution was a socio-economic revolution.
Too evaluate the impact that that economic situation had in the French revolution we must look at financial situation pre revolution. Firstly we begin looking at Frances class structure leading up to the revolution. This class Hierarchy is bases on a system known as estates of the realm. A system commonly used in Europe since the 13th century. .In this system

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