The Future Development Of Technology

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Future development of technologies means the increase of sophisticated machines that will test the notion of man’s supremacy. The development of new technology has an endless effect on the post-human notion of what it means to be a human being. Giesler (2004) suggest that in recent studies many articles on posthumanism indicate the arrival of a new era with concerns about how we conceptualize human bodies and mental structures. These ideas are explored through the shift in thought from humanist to post-humanist worldviews contextualising using the ideas of advancement in technology in artificial intelligence and how this could affect the human and machine division. Looking at artificial intelligence and the human machine divide in ‘Her’, ‘Robocop’ and Transcendence’ these films can be analysed on how the posthuman ideas could possibly affect both our society and the environment. Movies are a great way of portraying futurist concepts in a believable and immersive environment that assists in extending our knowledge in an area which can sometimes appear incomprehensible. We can only begin to try to understand some of the implications of human technology for the current moment and future. To be able to define and understand post humanism it is important to be familiar with the term humanism which is a broad category with varying explanations. Humanism can be seen as a system of thought associated with the notions of human values, and the capacities and worth we have as
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