The Impact On Technology And The Future Of Technology

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Technology is said to be taking over the world as we know it, and will soon whip out paper in its entirety. Technology is quick growing with ample routes, while paper has vast history, with little room for improvement. With all of the efforts to eliminate paper, it will always find a way to continue with a prominent meaning in current times.
In China during the early years of 100 BC, Ts’ai Lun invented paper by basing his ideas on bark cloth and he did this by, “mixing finely chopped mulberry bark and hemp rags with water, mashing it flat, and then pressing out the water and letting it dry in the sun,” (Carr). In those times, Buddhist monks used paper for a mass production of prayers to present to the population. With the aid of Han Dynasty emperor, Ho-Ti, and his government officials, Ts’ai Lun was the first to begin a industry of paper-making. As the first known attempts of making paper roughly 2,000 years ago, computer like technology began in a more complex fashion.
With previous attempts and ideas, in 1822, computer pioneer, Charles Babbage was able to design the first automatic computing engine; however, Babbage was unable to build it himself (The Babbage Engine”). His machine was composed of “a model of his early difference engine - a brass calculating machine capable of tabulating higher-order polynomial functions - alongside a silver automaton in the form of a dancing ballerina” according to Nature magazine (Holmes). Other known inventors and their inventions that
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