The Future Farmers Of Society

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Future Farmers of Society Have you ever thought or asked yourself, do you want to eat? Do you want to grow your own food while working another job? The faction, Dukes, as the future farmers of society do these things in our faction. After the Ebola virus hit the air our faction (Dukes) decided to be the caring and the giving ones. The responsibilities for the society, are to take care of animals, grow food and herbs, and hunt for food. In doing so, by us fulfilling our responsibilities, people will have food and good health. However, we are going to need some people to join our faction, because a small group of people cannot take care of all these responsibilities on their own forever. Trey, Harris, Tyler, and I created a campaign …show more content…

Our presentation was very clear and straight to the point. Harris, not only held poster in the middle and introduced our faction, but also introduced the tractor symbol. He explained all the duties of that one symbol and the job positions within that certain section of the faction. Next, Trey picked up where Harris left off and introduced the true meaning of the plant symbol, after giving the meaning of the plant symbol; he described the jobs and duties of the symbol. Then, I spoke about the cow symbol and the true meanings, duties and job positions within that section. Lastly, Tyler concluded by talking about his favorite section within the faction, which is the bow & arrow. He explained in detail what the bow & arrow section stood for, and the very many duties preformed and job positions of that section. Our presentation was something like an outside to inside presentation, because we had a centerpiece in the poster with subdivisions surrounding the centerpiece. Tyler was the person within our faction that described our centerpiece and released our true meaning behind the centerpiece. We set our poster up with a center piece and symbols supporting the meaning of it, so we could make our presentation an outside to inside presentation. We thought that by doing so, it would catch the attention of the audience.
The main argument for our presentation was that if you want to be a person that cares about the society you should join our

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