The Future Of Consumerism Will See An Increase In Purchases

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The future of consumerism will see an increase in purchases being made. Although there is a small trend happening where individuals are simplifying their needs and desires, the organizations that are feeling the pinch from this trend are reorganizing the way they advertise to individuals. With the way technology is growing and expanding progressively more organizations are finding it easier to customize their ads to each individual. For example on Christmas morning I received and email from Best Buy. Where the subject line was “YOU DESERVE a gift”. The psychological aspects of how organizations are preying on individual consumers is astounding. Coupled with the fact that they track what you search and keep you posted on those items without …show more content…

Years down the road when they retire, they will become a major burden on the government and the taxpayers of that time. So I will end with restating my opinion again FINANICAL EDUCATION in the school system is a necessity in helping, not only the individual and their family, but everyone that will be affected by the extreme poor decisions that millions continue to make on a daily basis in life. The one topic that peaked my interest the most was the conflict theory, the fact that it dates back almost to the beginning of time and still exists today is astounding. Conflict theory, is a theory established by Karl Marx which states that society is in a state of conflict because of competition for the worlds limited resources. He also believed that social order was ruled by those who had the resources and power holding the weaker individuals and groups down. “Tension between those with and those without resources is inevitable because those with resources have an interest in keeping them and those without resources have an interest in securing more resources.” (Turner) This is still true to this day,” The conflict perspective explains various aspects of our social world by looking at which groups have power and benefit from particular social arrangements,” (Mooney, Knox, Schacht) think about it the

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