The Future Of The Millennial Generation

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My Grandma used to tell me that every penny saved is a penny earned, but what she didn’t mention was how hard it is to actually save that money in this time period where money is just some set of digits on a screen. The millennial generation is in more of a financial crunch now than any other generation has ever been in and it’s looking like its getting worse. You can call them narcissistic, materialistic, and entitled, but millennials are set on the hunt on achieving financial goals. They are trying to keep up with their friends with the latest technology that booms something new every day. They are trying to get by financially with their current situations and trying to live their daily lives. Some are paying off their education,…show more content…
Millennials who are in student debt will make more than half a million compared to high school graduates. (Dunlop para 2). I believe that this shows to some extent that they are financially responsible to use it for something that will benefit in the long run; they are in debt because they have to be to” make it” with the costly expenses and in the future if they increase. More Job opportunities are out there, but they are looking for more experience and education in the desired work or field. While student loans rank the highest debt on the list, credit card debt is another form of debt that has millennials tearing up their credit cards. Technology through communication for example, has been a beneficial thing to many to stay in contact with friends and family members in a more efficient and fast way than ever before. When one form of technology booms brand new, then a newer one will over rule it the next day. Millennials are being targeted to the latest technology and gadgets and our friends are influencing, comparing, and telling them what they need next. Deanna White, a journal author writes on millennials financial habits says three quarters of young adults use their friends ' financial habits to determine their own.. She also mentions that almost half of adults between
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