The Future Of Videogames And How Will They Affect Us

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Jesus Delgado Computers/ Technology Mr. Robertson/ Ms. Merilus 6th grade Bell Gardens Intermediate 5841 Live Oak St., Bell Gardens, CA 90201 (562) 927-1319 Abstract The subject of the following essay is on videogame engineering. This essay investigates the future of videogames and how will they affect us. There is research on cons of videogames, the present and the future of videogames, the advantages, how videogames beneficial. Although many people say videogames are bad for children this paper states that they can actually help. It also states that videogames are not as bad as some adults’ think they are. Right now I play videogames at my house and I sit on the couch but sometimes I wonder how videogames …show more content…

Violent videogames are also making kids more violent (, violent videogames). The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that childhood obesity increases as time spent before a screen increases. One-third of American children are now considered overweight; for physical health reasons, limiting techno fun is a must to get our kids outside more and playing actively to build fitness. The more time a child or teen spends playing video games, the less time that young person has available for homework, interacting with family and friends, doing household chores that build responsibility, and most of all, reading for fun. If you spend your time "interacting" only with a machine playing on the computer, TV or handheld, that reduces your experience in interacting with real people ( ame156-1002/pressrel51.asp). Videogames have been upgrading each year like these videogames in September 17, 2010 they created PlayStation Move, in November 4, 2010, they created Xbox Kinect, or like in June 8, 2012 people created the EVO 2, also in October 8, 2012 they created the Wii U, and in January 1, 2013 they released Future Releases (to find the game console timeline go to ( lines/video-game-consoles-past-present-and-future--2). Many things will happen to the consoles in the future. We might have virtual games that can help us. These

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