The Game Essay

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Shooooot, There it is July 20, 2088, Riley Bloom is going to be playing Japan's National Team., along with her Women’s National Team, United States of America. Riley is in the locker room with her pre game warm up which involves talking to the coach and listening to her favorite song, “Everyday We Lit.” Usually her coach just tells her chicanery to pull on opponents. “ Riley?” Tana attempted to say in a calming voice. “Yes?” Riley looked bewildered. “Hurry up, the game is about to start!” Tana yelled. She wasn’t done with her pre game warm up, and since she has OCD, she doesn’t think she will perform well tonight. She can’t stop thinking about it, but she thinks that maybe she can ask coach to go back and finish her song, but…show more content…
Japan’s fans looked sad, but you know deep down their hearts were feeling sanguine because US Women’s Team may have lost their best player. All the paramedics were in acquiesce to take her off the field and test her ACL or see if she tore any ligaments. “Help, stop!” Riley screamed in fear. Five minutes later, workers helped her on the stretcher. She was taken into a room to check on her knee. No doubt about it, Riley was injured. No one knew what had happened but they knew she was hurt. She is such a brave girl who always gets right back on her feet, so when you see her on the ground in shock, something must be wrong. The doctor came in with the results, which is one thing on her mind, but she is also worried about how her team is doing without her. The doctor spoke in a calming but nervous voice. She tore her ACL. Riley went home with a cast on her leg and all up her thigh. She slept all day, then had to go the doctor’s. The doctor told her that she had to wait a full year until she could play soccer again. Riley thinks she might not be able to play on USA’s best team ever again. She will have to do physical therapy every day. The worst part about all of this is that the goal she scored, didn’t even matter because her team lost the game anyway. Three months had passed and Riley has been doing physical therapy all day and she has been going to all of her soccer teams current games. Her team hasn’t been doing well
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