The Game Is All Tied Up

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Hailey Turner Ms. Smith English Language Arts January 10, 1017 Participation Trophies The game is all tied up. The tiny tots soccer league is in the championship game for boys soccer. The little children are all running up and down the field determined to win and score the game winning goal. The blue team has a breakaway down the field and scores a goal leading the game by one with thirty seconds left in the game. For the rest of the time the ball is bouncing back and forth between the teams. The referee blows his whistle three times and the game is over. The blue team wins and in the end, but there is one problem, both teams receive the same trophies for participating in the league. People in favor of the idea of participation trophies …show more content…

Only the kids who actually win deserve to be recognized for their hard work that paid off in the end. “The benefit isn’t actually winning. The benefit is improving. When you’re constantly giving a kid a trophy for everything they 're doing, you’re saying, ‘I don 't care about improvements’” (Participation trophies reward mediocrity 2). This conveys the idea that when a child is constantly being praised they think they have no more room for improvement and are the best they could be. Although, there is always room for developing as an athlete to become a higher level sportsman. In general, participation trophies hurt kids more than they help them and are ineffective ways to reward kids. Proponents of participation trophies argue that participation trophies encourage fun and physical activity. By rewarding kids with a trophy or medal at the end of every season they look forward to obtaining it and continue playing the sport. This allows them to stay active and healthy. “Farrey and other proponents of participation trophies emphasize the social and health benefits of playing sports, which can both be fun for their young participants and inspire a lasting interest in fitness” (Participation Trophies Reinforce Performing at One’s Highest Potential). This contributes to the idea that participation trophies promote kids to participate and keep an interest in physical activity. On the other hand, participation trophies

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