The Game Of The Computer Game Essay

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The computer game I will be analyzing is a free-to-play, 2D, one of the most popular fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Maplestory. The platform is a 2D scrolling layout game where the player executes and control action mainly through the keyboard and mouse to click on such as NPC and other players. It is developed by Wizet, a South Korean Company and has multiple publishers for each country such as Nexon as the big main company. The game consists of the spectrum of both paidia and ludus concepts as players are free to improvise their characters and objectives, however within the limits of the game. The elements I will be focusing on are the goals; objectives of the game, societies and cultures formed through social bonding and fellowship, economies shaped through in-game currency and real cash, and the history as they all shape the game plays differently in determining the goals of the game. Maplestory begins with mostly training; combatting at monsters requiring you to invest a lot of time grinding it out to level up as you have class or job advancements and learn new skills. One of the means in which one can meet specific ends is reaching to the max level 250. This game is challenging in the aspect of leveling up at higher levels, which keeps the player engaged and active, also to take note is when you die in the game you lose experience setting you back having to regain it again. The game consists of long, difficult quests, huge maps for

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