The Gap Between Intention And Action

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The gap between what we say we want to do as educators and what we are doing in practice has been and still is the main problem in Physical Education, as it is in many branches of education. In order to combat The Spectrum of Teaching Styles not being fully understood or utilised sufficiently in teaching, it is vital a systematic and clear approach to bridging the gap between intention and action is implemented. In 1966 Muska Mosston introduced the Spectrum of Teaching Styles to the field of Physical Education. The Spectrum delineates teaching–learning options; it equips teachers with the fundamental knowledge for developing a repertoire of professional behaviours that embrace all the objectives needed to connect with and to educate students. Fundamental to the structure of the Spectrum is that all teaching styles are beneficial for what they can accomplish; none is more important, or more valuable, than another.
Proficient teachers have the ability to shift among the behaviours, as needed, to accommodate learners’ needs, content focus, time constraints, and the myriad goals of education. Consequently, teachers must be strong, resilient, and resourceful. They must not only give meaning to, and breathe life into educational terminology, but they also must learn to flow from one fad or movement to another. Without professional consistency in terminology, reliable communication, accurate implementation, and assessment of ideas are difficult, if not impossible. Imprecise

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