The Gender Impacts Of Traditional Gender Roles In Childhood

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Childhood today is a mixture of parenting skills that has been passed throughout the years. Childhood in America today, focus on freedom of children. For instance, children are no longer working at an early age. Children today have laws that protect them from working. In addition, children are encouraged to go to school. For instance, children often start going to school around five or six years old and will continue until they are seventeen or eighteen. Children are expected to finish high school, because it most jobs require a high school education. Modern childhood consists of working parents, so some traditional gender roles are fading. Men and women are sharing chores in the household. Namely, some men are staying home with the children, cooking, and cleaning while women are working so they can provide. In other words, in modern childhood men and women are sharing or switching gender roles. Although some families share household responsible, some parents are still teaching their children traditional gender roles. Young girls are still learning how to be nurturing and attentive to others’ needs, while boys are emotional disconnected. Furthermore, childhood is no longer being raised in two parent household. More simply, children are being raised in single parent households, due to divorce and people are no longer waiting for marriage to have children. Overall, childhood has changed over the years, many parenting skills are still being practiced while new ones are being

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