The Gender Pay Gap : The Problem Of Motherhood

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For the past 100 years, there has been an increasing amount of market dependence which has modified household strategies. These household strategies have reshaped the constraints and opportunities faced by women. There still exists a wage gap that is a prominent problem that women face in society. The answer to these disparities with pay is motherhood, which acts as a barrier to full gender equality. The New York Times article titled “The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because of Motherhood” summarized what creates these disparities that women face. Having children can be damaging to the careers of women, “college-educated women make about 90 percent as much as men at age 25 and about 55 percent as much at age 45” (New York Times, 2017). Overtime these differences in pay pileup, putting women behind in the workforce. Women are physically forced to take time off for biological reasons such as giving birth and supporting their children. While men on the other hand, aren’t involved in giving birth therefore they can stay at work longer, getting ahead in the workforce receiving promotions by completing more work. Employers view this as an opportunity to pay women less because they aren’t at work as often as men. Gender inequalities are present in the workforce. In addition, many women don’t have as strong negotiating power when it comes to their wages compared to men. Many men aren’t afraid asking for wage increases, while many women feel it’s not appropriate to do so. As a result,

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