The General Building Of Daniel E. Morgan Essay

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The general building of Daniel E. Morgan was much like what I expected upon entering based off of both prior knowledge and the Goldstein article read in class. Students are required to go through a metal detector daily, an officer is always on call, the SES is very low, and the majority of the population is African American. My perception of Urban Schooling however, changed within the classroom. Upon this trip, I expected the classroom experience to be much similar to the third grade classroom that I am currently in at Northwestern, only with a different population of students. My insight was quickly altered. In the first classroom I observed I witnessed a few students playing games on the carpet square, some completing a learning activity on the computer, and others focusing on spelling at a circular table with their teacher. The teacher of the room had a strong accent, which made the word “busy” sound like “boo-zee”. She was screaming at the kids when they spelled the word incorrectly, which seemed to be due to the fact that the word they were hearing the incorrect pronunciation. Instead of explaining to the group of students that the word was being spelled incorrectly, she continued yelling “that’s wrong, fix it”, over and over again. Over time, these students became frustrated and shut down. At this point the teacher walked around the classroom and checked in on the other groups of students, rather than assisting her group at the table, almost as if she had given up on
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