The General Context Of The Educational Technology Research

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In this introductory chapter, I present a brief background discussion on the general context of my research within the educational technology research, specifically within AIED research and doc-toral studies. Next, I state my research problem statement before enumerating the research ques-tions I propose to explore. I then provide a delineation of my solution methodology for pursuing this proposed research: use of simulation. Finally, I conclude the chapter with an outline of my proposed research thesis goals and objectives and the organization of this thesis proposal. 1.1 Introduction Most consequential learning goals are achieved over long-term periods often measured in years. In order to promote effective and efficient learning in such …show more content…

Focus on a learner-first approach [13] is AIED third attribute. As a result, personalization of learning environments has been one of AIED’s most important research trends. Studies attest that personalization improves attainment of learning goals by learners. The key is the one-to-one relationship between learners and the source of their support; and more specifically how the support styles are in accordance with learners’ learning styles and preferred support styles [17], [18]. One of the earliest threads of research that is central to the success of personalization is modeling of all key elements in a learning environment [6], [15], [16]. Personalization requires attentive modeling of learning agents (learner, mentors), resources (learning objects), and the learning en-vironment. Santos et al. [6] provide a more detailed outline of the various dimensions affecting support for personalization in learning systems; their work focused on research published be-tween the years 2011 and 2016. These dimensions include application scope, interaction and technological devices, and educational domains. In a succinct preamble [13] to the IJAIED 25th Anniversary Issue focusing on AIED research direction for the next 25 years, it is clear that modeling as a research thread will still be part of AIED future research with more focus in per-sonalization [19] and understanding of learners and learning experiences through evaluation [20], [21]. The importance of evaluation of

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