The Generation Of Our Society

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Every generation thinks the next generation has it easier than they did and worse than they are. The “Millennials” (Generation Y) are no different. As a member of Generation X, I see the next generation as intelligent, well educated, and for the most part well informed; but I also see them as entitled, lacking focus, and emotionally soft. Like it or not, this generation is here to stay, and everyone will have to adjust and learn to interact with them to be successful. There are numerous causes for the reason “Millennials” act the way they do, and this essay will cover a few of them. The evolution of our society, the focus on a happy family, and technology has helped define this generation’s approach to life. Society has an immense impact on every generation’s outlook on life. The society of today is one that attempts to keep everyone happy. We want everyone to be comfortable and ensure no one feels left out. The earliest experiences this generation had in team sports were tee-ball and soccer games that did not keep score and ensured everyone got an at bat each inning. They were told there are no losers, and they were all winners. This has carried over in their lives as they grew older, and led to the constant need to be told they have done a good job. At some point, parents became more cheerleader than parent, and some members of generation Y would like their bosses to be more cheerleader than boss. People will fail to meet an objective from time to time and
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