The Georgia Straight, By Adrian Mack And Miranda Nelson 's Vancouver Hockey Riot

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The choices of words, research, and exceptional organization in an essay will amaze an audience, while a poorly written one will make a very strong argument ineffective. This failure of possessing a robust argument and being unable to effectively deliver it is expressed through Adrian Mack and Miranda Nelson’s “Vancouver Hockey Riot Is a Symptom of a Larger Problem”. The authors view the riot of June 15th, 2011 in a much broader perspective and intend to use the event as a means to attack the government. Published in the youth-oriented magazine, The Georgia Straight, the essay focuses to appeal to the youth of Vancouver and does this adequately through its aggressive tone. However, due to the lack of crucial evidence to support their claims and along with the hypocrisy within the piece, the effectiveness of the essay to express the argument is poor.
Mack and Nelson begin their essay by taking a look at the “borderline psychotic” society of Vancouver (Mack and Nelson 209). The essay discusses the alienated community the city has become along with the foolishness of the youth. This information soon becomes misleading as the blame from the riot is dismissed from the city and is placed elsewhere. The outlook of the frenzy is taken from a much more expansive approach and this is evident in the statement: “It’s a problem that, as always, starts from the very top” (210). Mack and Nelson note that rather than the rioter’s being the problem, the economy and politicians are at fault…

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