The German Government

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The German government has been a substantial force throughout a large majority of world history, and historians today continually try to dissect and understand the proceedings that took place during both of the World Wars, and the factor that Germany itself would play. People often question how one nation could cause so much uproar and despair, but are approaching their thought-process from the complete wrong side of the argument. A vast majority of the research and studies that have been conducted relating to Germany and its political decisions have centered solely around one leader, Adolf Hitler, and all of the thinkers and plans of action he put into place, but seem to misinterpret the role that the average, everyday civilians played in…show more content…
Doris Bergen, a dedicated and
Coleman 2 decorated author, described this constant battle in her book War and Genocide, determining between the two different sides of this argument:
One group, often reffered to as intentionalists because they emphasize
Hitler’s intentions and consider the Holocaust the result oflong-term planning, describes Hitler as the mastermind of mass murder… Others, sometimes called functionalists, because they describe the Holocaust as a function of other develpoments, especially during the war-something that evolved overtime in an improvised way-downplay the role of Hitler
(2009, pp 30).
Bergen supports the ideas of both groups, as she gives evidence to the fact that Hitler was indeed a mastermind as well as shows the influence that average people had on the destruction, but the significant focus should be place on the inhabitants. The European citizens who claimed residence in Germany in the early 1900’s traveled through a time of hardship, and numerous political and leadership changes, as well as battled within themselves between the necessary, yet sometimes unconscious desire to determine what was morally right and wrong, and became etched in the minds of numerous dynasties around the globe as one of the most savvy, yet tyrannical political groups of all time. At the turn of the
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