The Girl The World Forgot Essay

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She stood there as the world passed her by. Ever since she came into the world, it has turned its back to her. Shunned her and continued on their way, without a second glance. She stood in the background of life, watching the forgotten beauties that everyone had forgotten, like her. Even now she leaned up against a tall oak tree that stretched out across the sky, long limps twisting together and bright green leaves scattered about. The old tree had been there for a long time, and yet everyone that passed by was too busy to take in the grandness of what surrounded them. However, every flower that pressed through the cracks of the broken sidewalk, every bird that flew across the sky, every creature that walked by her she would stand in …show more content…

Even still she would give them a soft smile, even though she knew that they weren’t paying attention to her. Time swirled together and she was unable to tell how long she had been waiting and yet she still kept on waiting. She pushed back her long hair behind her ears as she titled her head to the side when she heard a male voice, but frowned when she saw a young high school kid come around the corner calling for his friends, who were a few feet ahead of him. It wasn’t him. She sighed, he was late. Of course he was always late; it was one of the few things that she loved about him. His world was perfect to those who saw him, and he was very old-fashioned, and yet for some reason her heart would began to pound when he would be several minutes late and then profusely apologize to her. Seeing him not put together and be clumsy around her made her feel special. As the memories faded away she smiled as she titled her head up to the sky and closed her eyes. She remembered now, why she kept going on in this world. The beauty of this world captivated her and made her feel not so alone, but he had given her the strength to put her foot forward and to keep moving in this thing that they call life. And that is why she was waiting; she was waiting for him to come to her. She had always been waiting for him. He always seemed to be off in his own little world, but all she could was pray

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