The Girls Are Considered Outcasts

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Three hundred girls are considered outcasts every year. They’re shipped off into an unknown area to most people. The girls are only eleven and they’re taken away from their families. Their families are the ones that want them gone. I boarded the cruise ship and I walked in the suite. There were a huge group of boys walking around. The cruise ship is very warm and it’s very cozy. The boarding event takes about three hours. The girls have to line up and they have to get a baggage check. I can’t wait to go on this journey. I just feel unloved by my parents. The boys are there to help the girls.

They’re outcasts too, but they’re much older than the girls. They’re either sixteen or seventeen. There’s a front desk and the workers used their computers. The workers are boys and they make sure the girls are ok. It’s been two hours since the boarding event started. I reached my room and it was a luxury suite. I shared the room with another girl. Her name is Bailey Holland. Her dad is rich and I heard she is very smart. Bailey greeted me and I smiled.

“Hi, Bailey.” I said. “Hi, Sarina.” Bailey said. “You know my name?” I said. “Of course, the workers told me you would be my roommate. They showed me your picture. You are so pretty.” Bailey said. “Thank you.” I said. “I heard there’s a very big restaurant that sells barbecue and steaks.” Bailey said. “I love barbecue.” I said. “There are more restaurants.” Bailey said. “Let’s check them out.” I said. “We have to go to the meeting
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