The Giver In The Teenager : Chapter 1 Of The Giver

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Jonas saw a small house in the distance, he found it a little weird that it was the only house there, but he still decided to walk towards it. Jonas knocked on the door of the house. The elderly woman looked down at Jonas and Gabriel with a worried look, and she quickly invited them in. Jonas explains he and his brother have had a long journey and they had no shelter. The people then said, “It’s time for dinner,” but Jonas found a delightful thing in the way she talked. He knew what it was but he couldn’t quite find the word. Jonas proceeded to the dinner table, then the kind lady said her name is “Winifred.” Jonas thought it was a delightful name. There was a Winifred in the community but she got released because she was one of the …show more content…

Anyway, he listened it seemed they were talking about some kind of plan all he could hear is “We will be there for christmas chief”. Jonas was confused, who could she be talking to this late? And chief it sounded like the chief elder.
On and On day after day the phone calls kept going and each day Jonas got a bit suspicious about Winifred. Jonas only knew that what ever was going to happen it was going to be soon. It was December 24 Winifred was packing she had asked Jonas if he wanted to come to visit Winifred's family but Jonas said he didn’t want to interfere with any of her plans but Winifred convinced Jonas to come so Jonas did. They started to board a plane and Jonas told Winifred about how only people who were assigned to work in controlling the planes were allowed to go on planes and all other sorts of stories from his community, Jonas got caught up on telling stories that he didn’t even notice there were no people in the plane but him, Gabe, and Winterfred. When the plane got to destination Jonas noticed something similar on the pilot's face it kind of looked like Asher but he couldn't see his full face because the pilot quickly turned around. They got off the plane and the place they were at looked familiar but different there was color now and there was music. He looked around and didn’t see much because the sun was very bright but what he did see was a little girl playing that looked exactly

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