The Glass Castle Reaction Paper

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A relationship between two people could have positive and negative effects on a person's life. The relationship can be supportive and stressful, and throughout Jeannette’s life, this course took its toll. As a young girl, Jeannette Walls had a strong bond with her father, Rex Walls. He was the person that once made her feel the safest, yet had done the most significant amount of damage to her as time had passed. The Glass Castle was the great, big house her father promised to build for their family in the desert. Although he put all of his engineering and mathematical skills into the project, it was never built. The Glass Castle can symbolize empty promises or as hope for the future. Just like the Glass Castle, there were two perspectives to the relationship between Jeannette and her father. Each made Jeannette grow mentally furthermore helping her evolve as a person.
When Jeannette was a young girl, there was no question as to who was Rex Wall’s favorite child. It was the same child who displayed an inconceivable amount of faith in her father: Jeannette Walls. Rex once told her that he believed she was “the only one around who still had …show more content…

He was the same person who gave her hope and broke it down. After letting her father borrow money from her, she perceived “I was mad at myself, but even madder at Dad. He knew I had a soft spot for him the way no one else in the family did, and he was taking advantage of it. I felt used” (Walls 423). She felt genuine betrayal and disappointment. This allowed her to grow out of the mindset that her father’s quick fixes were enough. Before leaving for NYC, Jeannette told her father “Go ahead and build the Glass Castle, but don’t do it for me” (Walls 487). She was taking the initiative of going to a healthy environment. Her father’s reckless alcoholism taught Jeannette to take action, and make sure she did not get stuck in the poverty-stricken life her father never tried to get out

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