The Global Economy Is The Earth 's Ecosystem

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In the current world of immense technology, increasing population and flourishing economic, investigations have shown that the global economy is outgrowing the earth’s ecosystem. Environmental problems are some of the most vital issues which human being, especially environmentalists, pay significant attention to. As individuals, what we are able to do is to adopt some small but significant changes to reduce our ecological footprints, thus making little but crucial contributions to our living environment. In the past half of the month, I changed my lifestyle and tried two changes to improve the quality of our ecosystem.
I first changed my drinking lifestyle. In the past, I always bought bottled ice tea and mineral
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I suppose If I make the change that I just use my own chopsticks, approximate 20 pairs of disposable chopsticks can be saved 2 weeks later. Although the contribution was minimal, the positive effect on our environment is enormous if everyone takes this kind of action immediately.
The last change is slightly innovative. According to the environment courses and some academic books about environment protection, recycling is vital to protect our environment. Therefore, I tried to start garbage classification in my residence. To make the recycling easier, I used lots different garbage bags with labels on them. Therefore, when throwing garbage, I was able to classify the garbage correctly. One of the goals was to reduce the workload of city workers due to the complexity of this work. The other obvious goal was to prevent some poisonous waste materials from entering the soil or water, which may cause a serious effect on our living areas.
During the last two weeks, I experienced a lot of things which all have profound significance and taught me the vital importance of protecting the environment. When I conducted the first change, I first went to the store to look for ice tea powder and a suitable filter. This was extremely easy. At the first day, I
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