The Globalization Of Russia

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What some would call the nemesis of the west, Russia has a tumultuous history of inner turmoil while remaining strangely resilient to outside influence. Located in northern Asia, the Russian Federation encompasses a land mass that is roughly 1.8 times larger than the United States. However, most of this land is uninhabitable due to the frigid cold and permanent frost that blankets Siberia. The clear majority of the 142 million population resides in the western portion of a massive 17 million square miles of land that sprawls 11 different time zones ("The World Factbook: RUSSIA"). The roller coaster of political and economic change in Russia started in 1552 when Ivan the Terrible established rule over the Tatar khanates of Kazan and …show more content…

Following World War I the state was left in near ruin and the monarchy was overthrown in favor of a republican leader (O’Neil). This vast change in government was quickly overthrown in 1917 by none other than Vladimir Ilich Lenin. Under Lenin’s leadership the centralized power of the state was expanded, and the country was renamed to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). In the late 1930’s Joseph Stalin’s control over the USSR marks a radical sweep towards further nationalizing the major industries and resources of the country. The firm governance was enforced by a secret-police force, the KGB. Many say that this was the starting block and foundation for much of Russia’s current day corruption and consolidation of power. Russia had turned into a totalitarian state isolated from the west (O'Neil). The fall of the USSR began in 1991 when a military coup was orchestrated against Mikhail Gorbachev after he attempted to reduce the size of the state and open international dialog. This is attuned to the mantra ‘you give an inch and they will take a mile’ and fueled individual nationalism among the various parts of the nation. One of the charismatic leaders from the fracturing of the country, Boris Yeltsin, took advantage of the coup attempt by using it to undermine the power of Gorbachev. Yeltsin waited until Gorbachev was in custody before exerting his character dominance over the military to put a pseudo halt to the coup (O’Neil).

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