The Revolution Of 1905 : A Modern Day Russia

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The area known as a modern day russia was founded in the 12th century A.D. Principality of Muscovy emerges out of 200 years of Mongol rule and gradually expand taking in nearby principalities. Continual expansion led them to become a large power in central Asia.
Until the 1900’s the Russians were always expanding making land grabs. The revolution of 1905 which was caused by the defeat in the Russo-Japanese war led to the formation of a parliament. When rioting over repeated losses in World War 1 led to the overthrow of the imperial household in 1917, the USSR formed under communist leader Vladimir Lenin. Another very significant leader in the nation’s history, Mikhail Gorbachev (1985-1991), attempted to institute “glasnost” or political openness which started the democratization of the USSR and “perestroika” which was the movement he started which advocated for the reformation of the communist party. Through these many changes, his initiatives caused the splintering of the USSR to form Russia and 14 independent republics. Among these is the Chechen Republic which went on to fight a war against Russia during the nineties.Then in order to maintain power during the turmoil of Boris Yeltsin’s reign as president from 1991-1999 they transitioned into a semi authoritarian government. This government attempted to legitimize their leadership through a managed democracy in which the press and other influencing factors are controlled by the government but the people do vote. In

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