The, God The Almighty

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First Nation, human beings who believe that the world has been here since day one. Christian, God the Almighty has given life to earth. Many believe these stories but no one knows what really happened back centuries ago. We just have to believe evidences we are passed on from the past. First Nation and Christianity are really familiar, but what keeps them separated from each other is that their deity gives their believers different values which makes them into different culture.
First nation and Christianity tell these stories because they believe telling these stories will show how significant their culture is. How the Anishinaabe pass information is passed on from generation to generation is that elders tell oral stories and …show more content…

The First Nation and Christianity believe the universe was created by these supernatural Gods that has gave Earth life. The Anishinaabe believe that they had a creator, Gzhwe Mnidoo. This deity was created by a thought from the darkness and emptiness. How Gzhwe Mnidoo made the universe is that one thought scattered across the darkness and made the sky . Gzhwe Mnidoo did not create Earth, but gave Earth light so it would not be dark forever. As Gzhwe Mnidoo was creating the universe, Gzhwe Mnidoo called the birds to plant seeds that was given the creative energy from Gzhwe Mnidoo and made Earth beautiful. A human being was created last for it to reflection on Gzhwe Mnidoo creation. As for God, many Christians believe that God was already there before the world was created. Also God created Earth on the first day and divided light from the darkness. On the second day God had made earth seed itself to grow many trees and fruits.As the days go by on day five, he has created man to dominion the sea and the land that God has created on Earth. They share the same idea that both cultures have a god or a creator that gave human beings life and trust to humanities to control over Earth. As humanity rules over Earth, humans have became corrupted and the balance become unbalance.
As their deity decided to flood Earth for its bad influence. When the Anishinaabe lost

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