The Godfather 1970s

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In the 1970s television was a huge hit, they had several popular tv shows made in the 1970s such as Hl also be remembered as the last decade of domination by three networks, before the VCR became a household item, before cable service. There were several movies made in the 70s that were based on very popular books such as a top selling book in the 1960s by then- unknown author Mario Puzo, called The Godfather. In 1970 filming began for the movie version, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The Godfather, according to many people it was the best movie of the decade and even some say, of all time. The decade concluded with Hollywood filmmakers willing to experiment or take chances with the kind of the dark, quirky films that the seventies will be best remembered for.
MASH was an extremely popular tv series which aired September 17, 1972. MASH storyline was thought up by Dr. Richard Hornberger. Although the real Korean War ran only three years 1950-1953, the MASH series …show more content…

Restrictions on language, adult content, and sexuality, and violence had loosened up, and these elements became more popular. The hippie movement, the civil rights movement, free love, the growing of rock and roll, changing gender roles and drug use had an impact. Younger viewers and directors, who refused to compromise with film offerings, supported stretching the boundaries of film even more in this decade. Motion picture seemed to flourish at the same exact time that the defeat in the Vietnam War, the Kent State Massacre, and the Watergate scandal. Cable television in 1972 was the first pay premium television channel. VHS video players and the release of films on videocassette tapes created new industries and add substantial revenue and profits for the movie studios. Here´s Lucy, Bonanza, The Flip Wilson Show, MASH, Three´s Company, and many

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